Saturday, June 11, 2016

Humayun Tomb: A Story Of Courage

Humayun's tomb, the first garden tomb of India was built by Mughal emperor Akbar. Akbar wanted to safeguard his father's dead body. Bega Begum, Humayun's beloved was so grieved from his accidental death that she dedicated her life in building a mausoleum near Yamuna river. It is located at Mathura road, Nizamuddin East, in Delhi 22 Minutes away from Indira Gandhi International Airport  and 11 minutes from Old Delhi Railway station and 5 minutes away from New Delhi Railway Station.

Humayun's body was first buried in Purana Quila at Delhi which was his palace but then was moved from there. In 1571, the tomb was completed at the cost of 1.5 million rupees at that time.

The tomb was designed by the Persian architect Mirak Mirza Ghiyas, who was brought from Afghanistan. The tomb is filled with the rich beauty of interior furnishing, as it has lush carpets, and a small tent above the Cenotaph covered with copies of Quran along with his sword, turban and shoes.

It is surrounded by Charbagh gardens, which consists the area of 13 hectares. The gardens were very famous once but with the decline of Mughals it started to decay. By the 18 century, the gardens were replaced by vegetable garden by the natives. The elegance of the tomb still stays strong and it makes the onlookers feel in the arms of divinity. It was famously visited by President Barack Obama in 2010, who remarkably admired its beauty.

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The perfection engraved into the walls is immensely charismatic, it allures the mind. It being situated on the banks of Yamuna makes it even more admirable. One must come and feel the joy of beauty.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Must See Places in Your Next Delhi Visit

Home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites and an array of historical monuments, Delhi attracts millions of tourists from all over the world as a heritage destination. Besides the overwhelming elegance of its Mughal heritages the city offers intriguing contrast between the chaotic old Delhi with its old era buildings and marketplaces and well planned New Delhi with its steel smooth roads, gigantic shopping arcades and malls and plush landscape gardens. While touring the city for the first time Delhi serviced apartments are nice options for a comfortable stay at your budget. Delhi holds both the charm of Mughal ruled heritages of Old Delhi and ambitiously haughty up-market lifestyle of New Delhi. This typical blend of old world charm with modernity makes this city so special for tourists and visitors.

Do not Miss the Must See Heritages
Delhi had been the capital of so many empires and rulers for centuries, most notably of Mughals who gave Delhi its greatest share of heritage monuments. These heritages are still the biggest draw for tourists from all parts of the globe. If you want to stay in a well connected location for travelling around easily Delhi serviced apartments can be the nice option. Two of the most sought after heritage monuments of Mughal era are Red Fort and Jama Masjid which are located near Chandni Chowk in North Delhi. With a radius of 2 kilometers the mammoth red stone built Red Fort is Delhi’s most revered monument ever since it was built. The stunning architecture of Jama Masjid is also nearby, just on the other side of the Chandni Chowk market. Pushing through the chaos and confusion of Chandni Chowk is itself a shocking experience especially for its contrast with the orderly streets of New Delhi. Humayun’s Tomb near the Nizamuddin Railway Station in New Delhi is another great heritage monument that was built long before Red Fort. This beautiful monument actually had been the inspiration for world famous Taj Mahal. For visiting the tallest brick minaret in the world Qutab Minar you have to travel all the way to South Delhi in Mehrauli area. This stupendous minaret was built in 1206, long before Mughals invaded India and became the rulers.

Get a Feel of Tradition, Culture and Faith
Coming to Delhi you can also get acquainted with the tradition, culture and aspects of faith through some of the most important temples, religious shrines and places for offering prayer. Among these religiously and culturally important places Akshardham Temple in New Delhi near Noida Mor is a spectacular architecture that any visitor will find quite overwhelming. This huge temple is registered by Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest Hindu temple in the world. Bahai temple near Nehru Place in South Delhi with its beautiful lotus shaped architecture is another significant place to visit.

Finally, experience the setting sun leaving its orange glow on the war memorial of India Gate while the fast pace evening traffic roll by.  A sense of history with its melancholic charm will make the best of your last evening in this heritage city.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some interesting features of the Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art Delhi

Sanskriti Museum of Everyday Art Delhi positioned on the outskirts of Delhi and is among landscaped, lush gardens. It is crafted to show a mixture of stunning crafted objects that are used in a person’s day to day life like mirrors, combs, toys, lamps and kitchen utensils. The special feature about the objects that are present here is that all the 20,000 objects created by well known artisans from different parts of the country. The museum is open all day except Monday from Tuesday to Sunday right from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The objects preserved here are arranged in a lay down of fourteen groups. The arrangement of the group is done by an intention to depict the life cycle of human being that is lived in traditional India. With this toys are used to represent infancy, then objects for a baby and then with objects that are used in the adult life, leading to household duties and vocational phase. So anyone who is interested in knowing about the traditional life that was lived by an Indian man and the objects that were used by men as well as women who used to work in kitchen with objects like nut-crackers, chillums, hookahs and many more. So a place is just the right site to get and observe the Indian life without being to an actual village.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Crafts Museum Delhi

Crafts Museum Delhi
Crafts Museum Delhi
Positioned on the Bhairon Street at Pragati Maidan, the popular Crafts Museum Delhi has been the most liked place to present a stimulating change from the hustle bustle of one of the most hectic city of the world. The museum is a house of wide collection of crafts from terracotta horses to handmade ornaments from diverse tribal regions of India and Wood carvings, images, pottery, toys and metal-ware crafting sculpturing in the mid of other things. Under the management of the Indian government and specialized administration of the ministry of textiles, the craft museum is beautifully designed by the famous architect Charles Correa, establishing an absolute imitation of the typical Indian villages.

Some facts about the Crafts Museum
The Crafts Museum Delhi was constructed in 1956 after independence when the nation felt the requirement to protect its prosperous but vanishing art and craft effort by initiation of projects to build up and show these gorgeous pieces of vocation. It was after this that the commanders shaped a podium like Crafts Museum, which reveals a compilation of craft work that was put mutually by the Indian craftsmen between the years 1950s to 1960s. Ever since after that the museum has developed progressively to its current size and region space and creates itself as a must to see place in Delhi not just for Indians but even foreign travelers.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Few Interesting Things About Delhi Metro Museum

Delhi Metro Museum
The first modern Metro Museum has been opened in Delhi to be installed on an operational Metro station. This Metro museum was served as a New Year gift to the Delhi residents and showcased the history, genesis and the entire journey of the DMRC, that is, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation till that date. Delhi Metro is the first contemporary public transportation system is successful in offering a reliable, fast, comfortable and safe means of transport in India’s capital which was till now characterized as unreliable operators and rickety vehicles.

The museum is a collection of historical exhibits and photographs, displayed panels, traces the origin of the Delhi Metro which has taken more than 32 years to arrive at the equipped stage right from the drawing boards to main milestones, problems concerning the choice of the technology like rail gauge, rolling stock (trains) and many more. The Museum also comprises of two touch screen PCs that occupy a person in the DMRC business film and animations telling the means channel boring machines and introduction of girders that were used in eminent construction job. Souvenirs like key-chains, Metro ties, pens, and books are also available for trade as a memorable token for visitors at the Metro Museum. The timings to view everything can be taken pleasure from 10 AM to 4 PM every day leaving Monday as the Museum would be not opened.

Top 5 Hotels in Delhi Having More Than 500 Reviews in TripAdvisor

Delhi being the capital city of India is a dream to visit for every foreign tourist. The city is full of attractions that are worth watching. Like any other place the first thing is to look for before going to a new place is accommodation and keeping this necessary requirement in mind the list of five top hotels of Delhi are found hich were successful enough to gather more than 500 good reviews of travelers who have been here in past.

The Imperial Hotel Delhi
The Imperial Hotel is a legend that presents inimitable experience espousal facets of Indian history with birth of the capital city of India. The location of the hotel at Janpath, the erstwhile Queensway, steps away from the most well-known shopping district and chief attractions of Delhi. Art has been tantamount by means of The Imperial ever since it's beginning. The hotel's wide-ranging assortment of colonial metaphors and memorabilia has brought in The Imperial Hotel as the name of ‘Museum Hotel'. Every floor is devoted to an artist whose unique works decorate the room walls and corridors. These are few of the reasons that make the Imperial Hotel to be among the top five hotels in Delhi.

Shanti Home
Shanti Home Hotel at Jankapuri is a boutique hotel with well furnished rooms to offer the most luxurious comfort and accommodation to every tourist who visit Delhi to explore India closely. The contemporary ambience at Shanti Home Hotel is a source to exude the Indian tradition in the same way as it was during the old times. The five star hotels have a lot to offer its guests with food that is completely marvelous to taste and facilities that cannot be found anywhere else. The location of the hotel which is close to the airport makes Shanti Home Hotel to be the first choice of every tourist who desire to stay in calm and peace with of course luxury and comfort.

ITC Maurya
ITC Maurya, a leader of five star hotels has been named in subsequent to the most well-known “Mauryan” dynasty which has offered the Indian history with a golden era drying when culture, architecture and art flourished. The facilities and services that are offered here are planned by keeping in mind about the changing needs of global travelers. Every facility is presented to make the stay more relaxing and comfortable and with this there are special Indian cuisines that would really leave the person to eat more and more without controlling himself. Thus, ITC Maurya is the best hotel in Delhi ranked among the top five by more than 500 travelers who have been there to stay during their visit to India.

Oberoi Hotel
The hotel imitates the spirit of the capital city in a pleasant blend of conventional sophistication and tradition. A pioneer among all the luxury hotels of India Oberoi was the first hotel to start the all day personal butler services. Its fine cuisine, impeccable service and exquisite interiors unite to present itself in the most elegant and graceful downtown hotels all over Delhi. The central location of the hotel near shopping, government offices, business and financial districts and just 30 minutes drive from the airport makes it the first preference for every foreign traveler. The main attraction of hotel that is the spa centre is the best source to receive a relaxing massage based on the primeval Ayurveda to aromatherapy. The hotel as well presents inside and outside heated swimming pools and a high-tech fitness centre. Staying in one of the Oberoi Hotel room provides a panoramic outlook of the city's golf course on one side and Delhi's premier site Humayun's tomb on the other.

Ajanta Hotel
If one is looking for a hotel with the most convenient location in Delhi then Ajanta Hotel situated in the Paharganj area can be a pleasing option available. The convenient location of just 8 miles from the international airport and just 15 minutes distance from the train station makes it a good preference for travelers who are looking to live in comfort and that too without making many expenses. The air-conditioned rooms with facilities like TV, safe and coffee/tea making facilities makes it the best and relaxing accommodation for travelers visiting Delhi to explore the city. In addition, the travel desk offers sightseeing tour booking, ticketing services and car rentals all through the day to help tourists to get the most easy way to roam about everywhere with no worries of getting lost in a new place. The restaurant of the hotel serves tasty Indian food to get refuel with the tastiest dishes. One more point that makes Ajanta Hotel the most voted choice among Delhi's hotels is the short distance it has from famous places like Palika Bazar, Connaught place and Delhi zoo which are the main attractions of the city.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Way to Travel Delhi, Agra and Jaipur and Explore Everything

Explore Delhi and nearby places to get a close look of India's Precious Forts and Monuments

We all know that Delhi is not just India's capital but is really a must visit place by people who are interested to get a close look of the vast Indian culture and architecture. Keeping these masses in mind the Delhi tourism has come up with a special tour package called the “Golden Triangle Tour Package from Delhi”. The tour package consists of a fixed itinerary from Delhi-Agra-Bharatpur-Jaipur-Delhi. This tour package is also known as North India golden triangle tour and the tour is of minimum 3 days.

The places that are covered under Golden Triangle Tour Package from Delhi are :

Agra: Historical city positioned at a distance of about 200 km towards south side of Delhi was once a powerful Moghul capital and thus was recognized as a significant city of north India. During the Moghul rule, Agra has been presented with unique architectural wonders among which Taj Mahal, Agra fort and Sikandara are the most spectacular to watch.

Agra Fort: Agra's famous sight built with red stones is worth watching when being on a trip to explore Agra.

Taj Mahal: the monument was build in the 17th century by fifth Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan, but is marked as one of the most appealing structure till date by not only visitors from India but from world over India who especially visit to observe Taj Mahal. The hard work of 20,000 skilled artisans and long 22 years construction period can be really seen in this spectacular monument.

Fatehpur Sikri: a city entirely made up of red sand stone is really an awesome city to visit. Shekh Salim Chisti's tomb, Jama Masjid, the Diwan-e-Khas, Diwan-e-Aam and queen palaces are really the places that should never be left unseen by any visitor.

Jaipur: Now from moving on to the pink city there are a number of landmarks that really depict the living traditions and past glory. Temples, gardens, forts, palaces, crafts and pageantry are all available to be observed for tourist while visiting this amazing city also called pink city.

City Palace: constructed by Sawai Jai Singh, it turns out to be the executive accommodate of the Jaipur imperial family following 1922. A big fraction of the luminous palace is at present a museum; showing an outstanding compilation of relics worn by the Rajput crowned heads.

Amer Fort: one of the premium and the most excellent conserved forts, having provided as the regal assets for seven extended years previous to the city Jaipur was fabricated. It contains a multifaceted of a number of palaces, pavilions, meeting halls temples and gardens.

Jantar Mantar: one of Sawai jai Singh's sole observatory built in the year 1728. It has devices that have been methodically designed to forecast the faction of the chief stars precisely. It stands for the elevated tip of medieval Indian astronomy.

Even sites like Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal and many more are even covered while being on this special trip.

So, one thing is sure that booking for a Golden Triangle Tour Package from Delhi can be a great, comfortable and convenient way to explore the whole of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur with observation of all chief monuments and architectural construction that make India's culture rich and glowing. Online booking is even available for tourist for specific dates as per need to lessen the trouble that one needs to visit a particular place to carry out the booking activity. The Delhi tourism website also consists of the contact details for people interested in knowing about everything in detail before actually undergoing the booking activity.